In The Hall, Out Of The Hall: Nobby Speaks!

Paul Carruthers | July 17, 2012

You don’t work at the top level of motorcycle racing for the majority of your life and not grow some very thick skin. Nobby Clark has that and more. And, believe it or not, the man still retains a sense of humor even after the escapades of recent weeks with his induction/non-induction into the AMA Hall of Fame.

“It doesn’t interfere with my smiling and my happiness,” Clark said from his home in New York on Monday, July 16.

In what the AMA is calling “a serious balloting error” Clark became the first person in the history of the AMA Hall of Fame to be inducted and then un-inducted. Unfortunately, it was all done very publically with a press release announcing Clark’s induction running in the pages of Cycle News and other publications and websites worldwide. Then came the second release, two weeks later, stating that Clark wouldn’t be inducted because of an error in the balloting.

To read the complete interview with Clark, click on the following link:

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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