Herlings Injured In Car Crash

Cycle News Staff | July 24, 2012

Red Bull KTM’s MX2 World Championship points leader Jeffrey Herlings suffered a mild concussion and a cracked rib in a car crash after the Russian round of the World Motocross Championship in Semigorje on Sunday.

Herlings was in the back seat when the crash, which was caused by a truck stopped in the fast lane of the highway, occurred. He has since been flown back to Belgium for further checks and is expected to be healthy for the Czech Republic round in two weeks.

John Hensen, supporter and friend of both Herlings and the Red Bull KTM team was driving the car and another team supporter was in the front passenger seat. Herlings and his mechanic Ruben Tureluren were traveling in the back seat. Immediately after the accident all four were transported to the nearest provincial hospital and later moved to an international class hospital in Moscow. Hensen and the front passenger sustained the most serious injuries and remain hospitalized in Moscow. Herlings’ mechanic was badly bruised but suffered no other injuries. Red Bull KTM Team Director Stefan Everts stayed on in Moscow to provide support for the injured.