Tolbert/Baker Split Up

Cycle News Staff | June 29, 2012

Former Chris Carr tuner Kenny Tolbert and up-and-coming flat track star Brad Baker have parted ways, the team struggling to be competitive after getting a late start with their Kawasaki program.

“We just got started late this year and can’t seem to get caught up,” said Tolbert in a team release. “Running a professional team takes a lot of time and funding and right now we are short on both.”

Tolbert says he will be back.

“Development on the bikes will continue while we search for sponsorship funding,” he said. “When the time is right I will be back with a stable full of winning Kawasakis.”

Baker hopes to be back in the Tolbert fold once funding is found.

“Before the season started Kenny made it clear we needed funding to go racing,” Baker said in the same release. “Like so many racing programs around the country, we fell victim to just not enough cash. I will pick up the pieces to continue racing this season in hopes of coming back to Kenny’s program or find another team to join.”

Baker, the 2011 Rookie of Year, will be at the Lima Half Mile this weekend, riding a TCR Harley as a teammate to Dan Ingram.