Confederate Hellcat X132: FIRST RIDE

Alan Cathcart | May 1, 2012
Hellcat X132 first ride

Fifty grand doesn’t exactly sound a cheap price to pay for any motorcycle, but when it’s for one of the exclusive products of the Confederate Motor Company, then I guess it’s practically a bargain.

America’s only manufacturer in any of the Southern states below the Mason-Dixon line, Birmingham, Alabama-based Confederate has become the boutique bike-building brand of choice for the rich and famous, with Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Nicholas Cage, and rock idol Bruce Springsteen heading the high-profile roster of Confederate owners, often with more than one of these exquisitely crafted and consequently ultra-costly two-wheeled works of art in their garages. In fact, $72,000 used to be the starting price for admission to the Confederate owners group (COG?), and prices for the company’s radical P131 Fighter model start at $100,000.

But now Confederate president Matt Chambers has taken the firm’s self-styled Art of Rebellion to its pricelist as well as its product line, with the newly announced X132 Hellcat that’s just entering production at $49,500. Thing of it as a more affordable product in the company’s catalogue… well, everything’s relative.

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