Editorial: How About Some Speedway?

Paul Carruthers | May 17, 2012

I’m pretty sure most anyone who has ever swilled a cold beer at Costa Mesa Speedway only to find a few dirt clogs in the bottom of their cup has probably wondered what it would be like to strap on a steel shoe and give it a go.

On Saturday morning, I got the chance to do just that.

Thanks to the likes of Costa Mesa Speedway’s Brad Oxley and Monster Energy’s Bruce Stjernstrom, a few lucky journalists got the opportunity to sample the hallowed little bullring in the heart of Orange County, California, to find out exactly what it’s like to ride 500cc, 70 horsepower, alcohol-burning, motorcycles without brakes around a 1/10th-mile racetrack with more history than you can poke a stick at.

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Paul Carruthers | Editor

Paul Carruthers took over as the editor of Cycle News in 1993 after serving as associate editor since starting his career at the publication in 1985. Carruthers has covered every facet of the sport in his near-28-year tenure at America's Daily Motorcycle News Source.