An Update From Jeremy McGrath

Cycle News Staff | May 10, 2012

The following is from Jeremy McGrath…

Hi Friends:

I am sending this message to let everybody know what is going on with my wife Kim and my family. As you may or may not know, about 2 years ago Kim was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had a number of different surgery’s, underwent chemotherapy for many months, and handled the processes like a true champion. Kim was feeling great.

Kim was 15 months removed from her last treatment, about a month ago she noticed a couple of small blotches on her skin. Due to her great instincts she went and got them biopsied. That biopsy came back as “Leukemia Cutis”, which is Leukemia of the skin. Naturally we were blown to pieces by this news.

As I said, Kim was feeling great and due to her good instincts we caught this in the Pre Leukemic stage. The bad part is the doctors have to treat ” Leukemia Cutis” the same way as if you came in the hospital at the later stages of leukemia. Which sucks….

This means more chemo, she is currently in the hospital and has completed her 7 days of chemo and they are saying a BONE MARROW transplant is next…. THIS IS WHERE ALL OF YOU GUYS COME IN… We really need your help with going and getting on the Bone Marrow registry, the idea is to find a Marrow match.

Its as easy as finding a Bone Marrow Drive and getting your mouth swabbed, or having the kit sent directly to you at your house, and you can send it back. I ask all of you to do this ASAP, this is something that is time sensitive. In order to help Kim, we have to be willing to help anybody, which is the right thing to do.

Go to

This is the biggest challenge of my and my family’s life…. You guys have never let me down, so PLEASE help us with this one… Thank you…


Jeremy McGrath