Sipes Returns And Wins Seattle Supercross Lites

Kit Palmer | April 22, 2012
Ryan Sipes led it all the way in the West Lites final. Photo by Kit Palmer

Ryan Sipes led it all the way in the West Lites final.

SEATTLE, WA., APRIL 21 – Star Valli Rockstar Energy Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes was the surprise winner of the West Lites main event at the Seattle Supercross. Sipes who missed much of the first half of the West Lites series with an injury, returned in a big way by grabbing the early lead of the 15-lap main and running off with the win.

“I worked really hard to come back here and didn’t think I’d be able to,” said Sipes, who has won just two points-paying races in his career. “I tried not to push. I tried to conserve and flow. I didn’t go fast, but I didn’t go slow either. The first five races [this season] were so tough. I felt good, but I was pushing too hard. It just feels so good to come back from [my] injury like this.”

The battle for the West Lites Championship between Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson and GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac heated up in a big way. Wilson and Tomac engaged in a scorching battle for second place with the two riders passing each other back and forth. They bumped a few times, and it escalated into one big bump that put Wilson to the ground, dislocating his shoulder.

Wilson, however, got back up and soldiered on to a seventh-place finish.

Tomac didn’t get out of the altercation unscathed, though. His shift lever became bent when they hit and his bike was stuck in third gear for the rest of the race. He eventually had to give in to Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin, who had gotten off to a midpack start.

At the finish, it was Sipes all alone in front, followed by Musquin, Tomac, Cole Seely, Wil Hahn, Jason Anderson and Wilson.

Tomac, who trailed Wilson by two points going into the race, now leads Wilson again by four points with two rounds to go.

1. Ryan Sipes (Yam)
2. Marvin Musquin (KTM)
3. Eli Tomac (Hon)
4. Cole Seely (Hon)
5. Wil Hahn (Hon)
6. Jason Anderson (Suz)
7. Dean Wilson (Kaw)
8. Billy Laninovich (Hon)
9. Travis Baker (Hon)
10. Vince Friese (Hon)

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