Photo Gallery: Scenes From World Mini Grand Prix

| April 24, 2012


Allyson Miller

Brandy Richards

Anthony Amos

Austin Burns

Hayden Mellross

Blake Savage

Brandan Leith

Brandon Scharer

Unfortunately, Bryce Harkey’s ride ended with a broken leg.

Carlen Gardner

Chandler Jones was okay after his bike split in half, but dad’s got some work to do.

Cody Eaton

Dean Spangler

Dillan Epstein (8)

Austin Burns

Enzo Lopes

Matt Bisceglia

Brandan Leith

Gage Linville

Gavin Leachman

Hyden Mellross

Hunter Yoder

Matt Bisceglia

Jayme Gardiner III

Jeremy Martin

Jet Reynolds

Justin Hoeft

For the most part, there were few serious crashes in the first turn…

…but try telling that to these riders.

Of course, many races were decided on the starts.

Sometimes getting carried off the track isn’t so bad.

Hold on!

Strong winds made watching the races a little difficult at time, but wearing goggles made it bearable.

More than 1500 entries were filled out for this year’s 41st running of the NMA World Mini Grand Prix.

Motocross is not motocross without a good downhill.

Living out of your truck and trailer for a week isn’t so bad when you’re racing MX.

One down and only four more days to go.

Dinner time.

Even after a day racing, they never stop moving.

Time to get back down to business.

Talk about picking up the pieces!

Lachlan Turner

Dillan Epstein

Matt Bisceglia

Maximus Vohland is following in his father’s (Tallon) footsteps.

Noah McConahy (531)

Reed Vogan gets some last minute instructions from dad.

Unfortunately, Lachlan Turner’s race ended a little too soon.

Ryder Di Fransesco

Troy Graffunder (49)

Tyler Enticknap

Wade Huffman (998)

Matt Bisceglia

Zane Gregory

This year’s WMGP had a mixed bag of weather. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always this nice.

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