Pegram’s Show Back For More

Cycle News Staff | April 19, 2012

Larry Pegram will be back in action on track at Road Atlanta this weekend and he’ll also be back on your television this summer for a second season of his reality show, “Superbike Family.”

The first season of the, which is based on the “excitement, adventure, trials and tribulations” of Foremost Insurance Group-sponsored racer Larry Pegram and his family-based racing team, can also be seen now at

“The show is about our dream of becoming a Superbike Championship race team,” Pegram said. “My parents, wife and children all contribute to the season and my crew is the best. This show takes a behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to be a superbike racer, how we have endured as a family-owned and operated team, and what steps we take to commit to the challenge.”

Superbike Family is sponsored in part by Foremost and began taping during the first 2012 race weekend at Daytona International Speedway. The show will document the Superbike family through the 2012 season at the superbike races, as well as their entertaining home life.

“Pegram racing is a first-class operation and it’s great to give people the chance to see that,” says Randy Slotten, director of marketing at Foremost. “The show gets down to the actual dream Larry had of becoming a Superbike racer and how his family has supported him. It’s not only entertaining, but sheds light on just what it takes to make a team like this run.”