Interview: Carlos Checa

Gordon Ritchie | April 19, 2012
Carlos Checa  King of Superbikes gets interviewed by Gordon Ritchie. Photography By: Gold   Goose.

Once just plain Carlos, now King Carlos I, and on the evidence of the first few races of 2012, a man with a deep desire to make it two crowns in two years. One for the portion of his brain that dreams up his creative passing maneuvers, and one for the calculating half that decides just when to make a break from the group. Welcome to the very individual world of Carlos Checa, a rider who seems as much Zen master as zenith in World Superbike racing.

Most riders in any form of top-flight racing are not like Checa. They do not like reading books as much. They do not climb high mountains for a hobby – at least not in mini-expeditions.

Most riders enjoy anything that involves shiny new cool stuff, wheels and velocity, and not that much else. In short, they like anything that gratifies in the moment.

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