Wyman On XR1200 Pole At Daytona

Paul Carruthers | March 16, 2012

DAYTONA BEACH, FL, MAR. 16 – Kyle Wyman put his KWR/Vesrah Harley-Davidson XR1200 on pole for today’s Vance & Hines XR1200 final at Daytona International Speedway, the New Yorker over a second and a half faster than anybody else this morning.

But Bartel’s Harley-Davidson’s Michael Barnes is a bit closer than that based on the fact that his quickest time came from yesterday. Still, his best is 1.1 seconds off Wyman’s best.

Barnes had an oil leak caused by a pinched O-ring in today’s session, hampering his progress.

Third on the front row for today’s race will go to Barnes’ teammate Tyler O’Hara with Ruthless Racing’s Darren James filling the front row.

Kyle Wyman improved by over a second from his best in yesterday’s session.

“I really kinda wanted the same scenario as yesterday,” Wyman said. “I thought I wanted to go out and get hooked up with someone, but it never works out. I got with my brother [Travis Wyman] for a few laps, but it’s hard to get with someone. I ended up by myself and I just put my head down. I’m feeling really good on the bike and it’s handling like a race bike. I think we finally turned one of these XRs into a race bike. I can push and feel what the bike is doing underneath me. I’ll see how it goes lap by lap [in the race]. Really it’s a race form the chicane to the start finish line on the last lap. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

XR1200 Qualifying
1. Kyle Wyman (2:05.633)
2. Michael Barnes (2:06.823)
3. Tyler O’Hara (2:07.273)
4. Darren James (2:08.360)
5. David Estok (2:08.396)
6. Michael Corbino (2:08.585)
7. Travis Wyman (2:09.270)
8. Shane Narbonne (2:09.471)
9. Gerry Signorelli (2:09.559)
10. Chris Harmon (2:10.187)


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