Where Have The Neck Braces Gone?

Cycle News Staff | January 27, 2012

If you look closely, you’ll notice a trend that some of the top racers have been abandoning the use of neck braces. Some of those former wearers include Chad Reed, Davi Millsaps and, perhaps most notably, Ryan Dungey.

“Yes, it seems like a couple of the top guys have chosen to take [neck braces] off,” said Paul Lindsey of Leatt, the company that started the neck-brace trend back in the early 2000s. “But from what we’ve been told, much of this is just a comfort decision for them. They feel like they can be better without it and are trying without it for now. A couple of other guys are having problems integrating [neck braces] with their helmet properly – there’s the helmet issue and the comfort issue. Each rider has to make that choice whether they’re comfortable enough, whether it’s because of the helmet or the neck brace in general…”

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