Trey Canard Injury Update

Kit Palmer | January 22, 2012

The official word from Honda regarding the injury to Muscle Milk Honda factory rider Trey Canard at last night’s Supercross at Dodger Stadium is that he suffered a broken back. According to Honda, an MRI this morning showed fractures that the doctors are currently evaluating.

Trey Canard suffered fractures to his back at the L.A. Supercross.

Trey Canard suffered fractures to his back at the L.A. Supercross.

Honda added that Canard has 100-percent feeling in his legs and is currently awaiting the decision by his doctors as to whether or not his injury requires surgery. Earlier reports had it that he had already undergone surgery.

Canard was injured when on the first lap of the Supercross-class main event when he was landed on from behind by Ryan Morais over a triple jump. Just prior to the jump, Canard’s bike had caught a Tuff Block cover that had attached itself to the bike, forcing Canard to single the jumps. Morais’ bike landed directly on top of Canard, causing both riders to go down violently.

Morais reportedly suffered a broken jaw.

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