Editorial: Stop The Insanity

| January 24, 2012

Although the old adage tells us that “The show must go on,” I’d like to believe in motorsports that’s not always the case. On Saturday night in Dodger Stadium, the show needed to take a recess.

But it didn’t.

Anybody in Chavez Ravine who saw Trey Canard and Ryan Morais crash together on the opening lap of the Supercross final knew they were hurt. When they didn’t get up right away, that notion was confirmed. They were hurt and hurt badly. The AMA made the correct and only call in stopping the race. Canard and Morais needed to be tended to and they needed the full attention of the medical staff – who needed to be able to perform their work in total safety.

But the show didn’t stop.

At first I thought a little crowd diversion from what was going on with Canard and Morais wasn’t a bad idea. But then it just got embarrassing. Check that: It was sickening, anger invoking….

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By: Paul Carruthers