AMA Sets Price Cap On Superbike Electronics

Cycle News Staff | January 30, 2012

AMA Pro Racing released the highly anticipated price cap on Superbike electronics today, capping the total price on all add-on electronics at $18,000. The cap will go into effect on January 1, 2013 and will continue through the 2014 racing season, according to AMA Pro Racing.

The price cap includes “any and all electronics that did not come on the homologated machine.” This would include, but is not limited to, the following items:

ECU – Stand-alone, kit or piggyback. All hardware must be approved and appear on the Eligible Equipment List. This will include quick shift, auto tune and traction control boxes as well as all other add-ons. This should include the cost of any and all necessary communication cables.

Data Acquisition – Data loggers, data logging dashes, non-logging aftermarket dashes, software and hardware that support data recording and analysis. The hardware and software must be approved and appear on the Eligible Equipment List and must include any necessary communication cables. Lap timers should be included here. Lap timers are not regulated by the Eligible Equipment List, but the costs must be included. Data systems in riding suits also are not regulated but must be declared in the price cap.

Sensors and Hardware – Any and all sensors that did not come stock on the bike must be declared. Stock sensors and the stock number of sensors, i.e. wheel speed, throttle position, H2O temp, etc., need not be declared and do not get included in the capped price of the system. Any additional stock sensors above and beyond the stock quantities need to be declared. Any and all additional aftermarket sensors, i.e. suspension travel, brake pressure, tire temperature, oil pressure, etc., must be declared and their cost included in the package total. Sensors are not regulated by the Eligible Equipment List; however vendor pricing and vendor availability may be confirmed at any time by AMA Pro Racing.

Wire Harness – Wire harnesses of any type, i.e. main, data, dash, etc. will not be regulated and will not count against the total cost of the system.

Leased Electronics Systems – The market value of the above categories will determine the declared value of the system. The lease price is not the determining factor.