MotoGP Warfare?

Michael Scott | November 27, 2011

It looks like war. It feels like war. But, insists Dorna chief Carmelo Ezpeleta, it is not war. “I think the factories understand the situation.”

Ezpeleta, a stocky balding Spaniard with a forceful way of expressing himself, was talking in an exclusive interview at the last round of the season in Valencia, Spain in the wake of dropping a bombshell.The day before, he had presented his radical proposal to the GP Commission meeting – the governing body of MotoGP: One more year with free factory prototypes; a control ECU, to be introduced in 2013; a rev limit, to come in at the same time; a decision by May next year; diversion of financial support from factory lease teams to CRT teams.In our interview, he went further…

For the full interview, read it in this week’s Cycle News at the following link:

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