New Turbocharged Hayabusa Piston from JE

Cycle News Staff | October 10, 2011

The following is from JE Pistons…


JE Pistons, the industry leader in forged racing pistons, has released an all-new piston design made specifically for high horsepower turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycles. The new pistons are available immediately off-the-shelf for 1999-2011 models. A dedicated FSR forging offers superior strength and durability over other pistons available today due to extensive finite element analysis (FEA) and the addition of internal and external strut braces. The pistons also feature a low friction skirt that is designed to handle the heavy side loading associated with forced induction. Premium 9310 steel tapered wrist pins are included and provide the right combination of strength and weight. The included JE Pro Seal Ring Set utilizes a wear-resistant 1.0mm steel top ring, a 1.0mm ductile iron 2nd ring for improved oil control, and a 2.0mm low tension oil ring. Bore sizes of 81mm (STD) and 83mm (+2mm) are available off-the-shelf and provide a compression ratio of 8.7:1 (‟99-„07 models) and 9.0:1 (‟08-‟11 models) when used with a .080” base spacer. Can‟t find what you need? Custom pistons can be made in thousands of combinations in 2 weeks! For more information, visit today.

Features and benefits:

The only FSR forging design made specifically for high horsepower turbocharged Hayabusa motorcycles

Developed using extensive finite element analysis, dyno and on-track testing

Available for 81mm and 83mm bore sizes off-the-shelf, almost any size by custom order 8.7:1 and 9.0:1 compression ratios

Increased strength and durability

Low friction skirt design

JE Pro Seal Rings and “turbo ready” premium 9310 wrist pins included

Requires use of .080” thick base spacer MSRP $658