Monster Cup: Run Whatcha Brung!

Cycle News Staff | October 4, 2011

The Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas gets to play by an entirely different set of rules with the AMA issuing an “open supplemental rules package” for the inaugural event, scheduled for Sam Boyd Stadium in Vegas on October 15.Basically, there are no rules – except for sound and fuel regulations, according to the AMA.”Teams will have the opportunity to employ components such as in-helmet communication, traction control, GPS and more. All of the rules that pertain to safety and operations will remain in place,” a release from the AMA states.AMA Director of Supercross Kevin Crowther said that the open rules approach is possible due to the nature of a distinct stand-alone event versus a national championship.”As a singular competition event, the Monster Energy Cup gives us more freedom to think outside the box and try some innovative concepts that might not always be practical for a National Championship,” Crowther said. “Considering this freedom of the rules package and the amount of money on the line, the Monster Energy Cup will be one of racing’s must-attend events this year.”Crowther added that, while the actual supplemental rules package is available online at, the basics are simple.


“No homologation is necessary, and the engine displacement must be at least 125cc. Beyond that, nearly anything goes – two-stroke, four-stroke, singles, twins. Weight restrictions are gone. Large-displacement two strokes are welcome,” he said. “We are also implementing new sound-testing procedures. We will be using the new 2-Meter Max sound-testing method that will be implemented for the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross.”