Carruthers Says… A Word About Carr

Paul Carruthers | October 21, 2011

Twenty-five years ago I was lucky enough to be at the Peoria Motorcycle Clubgrounds in Illinois when a 19-year-old Chris Carr won the first AMA Grand National of his career. On Saturday night, I was fortunate enough to see him do the steel-shoe waddle up to his Harley XR750 one last time at the Pomona Half Mile.

I remember that day at Peoria like it was yesterday. Carr came into the race having finished four times in the races leading up to the famous TT and when he won on August 17, 1986 it allowed me to write that, “Chris Carr neatly put the bridesmaid dress aside and slipped into the wedding gown for his first-ever National win today at the 38th annual Peoria TT…”

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Paul Carruthers | Editor

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