Rossi Tests… But What?

Paul Carruthers | September 8, 2011

While what exactly he was testing is open for debate, there’s no denying that Valentino Rossi joined the Ducati test team today for its final day of a three-day test at Mugello in Italy.According to Ducati, it was Rossi’s sixth day on the 2012 race bike. The multi-time World Champion completed 82 laps on the GP12 and one of those laps included a crash on the exit of the Scarperia-Palagio section during what was his third go-around in his morning session.

Many have speculated that Rossi was testing an aluminum chassis.”It was an interesting day, although it was also quite long, because we rode until 6:30,” Rossi said in a team release. “Developing a bike requires a lot of focus and effort, but it’s also very exciting and fulfilling to be part of a group of people pushing as hard as it can in the same direction. Today we confirmed various aspects of the GP12’s electronics and chassis, collecting a lot of useful information for Filippo and the guys in the factory. I think that the work is well underway as we prepare for our next steps.”

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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