Jared Mees Wins Brainerd National

Press Release | September 28, 2011

The following is from Jared Mees…

I was told this track was small. I didn¹t know quite what to expect, but
when we got there it was small ! When we finally got on the track it seemed
even smaller yet. I have never run on a track this small before racing a
Harley-Davidson XR750. Well I thought, hope for the best.

Qualifying went well… it was my first time this year as Fast Qualifier.
This put me in the 1st Heat Race with Kenny Coolbeth among others. I got a
lousy start behind Mick Kirkness but made my way up to the front after
getting past Jake Mataya. From then on I was able to run my own race but
felt someone on my heels the rest of the way. Coolbeth was right on me as I
looked back after crossing the line to win the First Heat. I needed just a
little more from somewhere.

For the Dash for Cash we tried a couple of different things. I got off the
line well but halfway thru Bryan Smith went down, bringing out the red flag.
On the re-start I got another decent jump, but Coolbeth and Matt Weidman
were getting it done. I finished 3rd. I needed a little bit more speed in
turns 3 and 4, so we changed a few minor things and My mechanic, Brent
Armbruster, pounded in my head a few small things to pick up, and it worked.

In the Main Event I nailed the holeshot and was in the lead. Those ³few
small things² I had picked up from Brent made the difference. Halfway flags
and I was still in the lead. Five to go and I was still in the lead. I
didn¹t look back a single time but heard people behind me. I was able to
hold them off and win my 5th race of the season, extending my points lead to
18 ahead of second place Jake Johnson. It felt great to make it happen.
After my Heat and the Dash I had thought that Kenny Coolbeth was the guy to
beat and maybe, had he gotten the holeshot in the Main, he may have been the
race winner, but we got it done on this night.

We are now on our way out West, with Calistoga CA this weekend. I really
like the track a lot, so I’m looking to have some fun and get another good
finish, and gain even more points on the Championship run.

Thanks to all my supporters and fans. Until next Saturday, Jammin¹
Jared Mees # 9