Christophe Pourcel Interview: Hero or Villain?

Cycle News Staff | September 27, 2011

If you mention the name of any sportsman then it can simultaneously conjure an image or adjective associated with that person; you have “winners,” “bad losers,” “dirty riders,” “fan friendly,” “GOAT” and so on.For Christophe Pourcel, a rider who won two AMA Lites titles in two years and should have won two AMA 250 National Championships at the same time, the likelihood is that those images or feelings are likely to be pretty conclusive. To some Pourcel is one of the finest natural talents to have graced a motocross or Supercross track in recent years. And, despite some horrible injuries, his record of results up until his recent 22nd birthday are proof of that. To others he is the “anti-hero” by being his own person, having his own agenda and not always wanting to play by the rules of the game away from the circuit. Other opinions point to arrogance, others to individualism and even some to derision.For our complete interview with Christophe Pourcel, click on the link below…