450s: Too Close For The Mile?

| September 6, 2011

The Pro Singles final on the mile was a more than a nail biter. As some riders see it, racing 450s on a mile is a recipe for disaster. A last-lap, turn-three crash in the Pro Singles final involving Corey Crawford, Robert Treinen and series contender Michael Avila, brought focus on the difficulty of young riders, often inexperienced on big tracks, racing so tightly packed on equally matched motorcycles. One slip and a chain reaction is almost inevitable.

Crawford was seriously injured in the crash and at press time was in Intensive Care at St. John’s Hospital with a brain injury. His family reported that Corey was undergoing tests and was responsive. Corey made it through the critical first 24-hour period and was said to be steadily improving.

Most vocal in his opposition to racing 450s on miles was Pro Singles series leader Mikey Martin.

“They should not run Springfield mile on 450s,” he said. “It’s out of control and very dangerous. You have 18 riders riding it like a short track. It’s not worth someone getting really hurt. No one is thinking about being safe, they’re all thinking about winning. They’re bumping into each other doing 100 mph. I’ve been out there four times and I’ve never been more scared. It’s dangerous and I’m glad that was my last Springfield Mile on a 450.”



Larry Lawrence