2012 Yamaha WR450F: FIRST LOOK

Cycle News Staff | September 20, 2011

Yamaha took the covers of the 2012 WR450F off-roader and, low and behold, it’s an all-new machine! It’s been a while since the WR got a major overhaul, and it certainly got one this year. And we’re excited about it.

2012 WR450F features fuel-injection.

Starting with the chassis, the new WR has what Yamaha calls a “YZ250F-inspired” bilateral beam frame, and uses the same KYB SSS air/oil separate 48mm cartridge-type fork and KYB shock as the 2012 YZ250F. It also has a new headlight and all-new, slimmer YZ-style bodywork.

Fuel tank holds 2.1 gallons.

But the big news is that the WR450F is now fuel-injected, so now you can ride to the top of the mountain and back down without having to re-jet the carburetor or make adjustments.

The new WR450F uses a YZ250F-inspired chassis.

Power is delivered to the 18-inch rear wheel via a five-speed transmission.

It also features an enduro meter, tool-less airbox access, ProTaper handlebars, electric start, wave-type brake rotors, on-the-fly clutch adjuster and ultra-wide footpegs.

The WR450F is scheduled to be released in March, 2012, with a $8090, which is more than $400 more than the previous WR450F.

The WR250F is back, as well, but doesn’t take on the same new features as the new 450, but it still features many of the same components as its bigger brother.

The 2012 WR250F is virtually unchanged.

The WR250F carries a MSRP of $6890.

Both bikes are California green-sticker legal.


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