Bogle Rules Ponca City MX

Jean Turner | August 1, 2011

Justin Bogle was the talk of the town in Ponca City, Oklahoma, where the GIECO Powersports/Factory Connection Honda rider came away three out of the four Pro-class Championships that were up for grabs.Bogle, who also hails from Oklahoma, collected titles in the 250 Stock and Modified, and 450 Modified Pro classes. A DNF in the first 450 Stock Pro moto ended his bid for a Pro-class sweep.

Kawasaki Team Green’s Jacob Hayes ended up winning both 450 Modified Pro classes for the overall win.If they were talking about Bogle, they were no doubt talking about Honda Red Bull’s Cooper Webb.

He won all motos en route to the 85/150 Stock and Modified, and 150 Four-Stroke Thru-16 class championships, but things unraveled for him a bit in the 112 Supermini Thru-16 class, where were bad starts resulted in 2-8 moto finishes and seventh overall.

Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo ended up coming out on top of the Supermini Thru-16 class with a 1-1.Honda rider Cole Thompson came away with two wins in the four Intermediate classes. He ended up winning both 250 and 450 Modified divisions, while Kawasaki rider Thomas Covington (250) and Suzuki pilot Jeremy Martin (450) topped the other two Intermediate divisions.

New Zealand rider Courtney Duncan turned a lot of heads at Ponca City, as she easily won the 65-68cc Girls Two-Stroke and placed high in some of the regular, as well.

Some of the other class winners, included Jett Reynolds, Ethan Man, Pierce Brown, Sean Cantrell, Chase Bell, Mark Worth, Ryan Surratt, Jennifer Burton, Jace Owen, and Blake Green.The event was marred by the death of Isabell Koob, of Suix City, Iowa, who fell in the first turn while competing in the 65-85cc Girls Two-Stroke class early in the week. Condolences can be sent via

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