Bell Helmets Joins to Support Team Gus

Press Release | June 7, 2011


Bell Helmets Joins to Support Team Gus and the Privateers

Bell Partners with Gus Legendary motocross helmet company, Bell Powersports, has agreed to come on board with, MotoConcepts, NoToil, and ODI Grips to help support each of the riders pitting under the Team Gus race rig for the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Outdoor Motocross Championships and the WMA Championship.

As the helmet sponsor, Bell allowed each of the riders to pick their own design and color of the Moto 9. The Bell Moto 9 helmet is equipped to add higher levels of safety for these pro riders with a newly designed magnetic cheekpad system that makes it easier to remove the helmet in emergency situations. Along with the cheekpad system is the new Helmet Removal System, to better help first responders remove helmets with minimal or no risk for neck and spinal injuries..

In addition to the new state of the art safety coming from the Moto 9 helmets, the Team Gus privateer effort and their other sponsors represent a unique approach to supporting the “everyday racer”. Team Gus will have the largest tent in the pits during the 2011 Nationals; a 120ft. long behemoth that is designed to support up to 25 riders at a time. With help from, Team Gus will be taking several riders and their equipment to each round of the series. Furthermore, any privateer in need of support at the races is welcomed to set up under the giant tent, and will be provided with drinks and food and will have use of the team mechanic if they do not already have their own. Any rider in need of transportation to and from the races can ride along in the team motorhome to help save on travel expenses.

” I was amazed to hear that some of these pro racers are holding down jobs like bagging groceries and other odd jobs just to afford to buy equipment that is up to standards. Bell Helmets is happy that we can help with providing them with great helmet safety.” said Matt Schumann of Bell.

For more information on joining the Gus effort, be sure to contact Gus Decker at 209-747-2011. There is still plenty of sponsorship space available on the team awning (7.5ft x 20ft. on top of the tent), so for any company interested in supporting these up and coming privateers, please contact Mike Lyons at

A special thanks goes to MotoConcepts, No Toil and ODI Grips for already stepping in for support.

Riders who will be under the Gus tent include:AMA ProsBlake Keller #69Preston Mull #565Garred Steinke #726Dillon Alexander #288Michael Akaydin #918Hunter Mims #728Scotty Wennerstrom #501

WMA ProsLindsey Palmer #13Sayaka Kaneshiro #15Delene Dippel #62



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