The San Jose Short Track

| April 14, 2011
Bob Scalley rode the Legends B flag to flag

The fifth annual San Jose Legends Tribute and Race took place recently at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. With rain outside and many people getting through the snow-packed mountains to get there, the event was well attended.

Each of the last five years the track has been constructed with the same measurements in the same building the indoor concrete races were held years ago. Friday night is an annual Legends race of old time riders from the San Jose Area and one other special event. This year the special event was an invitational 12-15 year old 250cc race. The night also included 150 and 230 class events. The races are put together just like the old days with riders qualifying in heat races and semis for placement in the main events.

The fastest time on the track Friday was recorded by the 2010 AMA Horizon Award winner Briar Bauman, turning just over six-second laps.

Larry Silva, and Dana Perri, known as the “short track specialist,” competed this year in the Legends A main event with Perri in front at the checkers. Silva got the jump off the line and led the first two laps until both Perri and Greg Ferguson got by him. Falling into the fourth spot in the fourth lap Silva made his way back to the front to finish second. Boo Boo Bob Scalley (pictured) rode the Legends B flag to flag in front followed by Mike Yarn and Nick Theroux.

Banging bars all 10 laps the 150-230 class winner Ken Gray bumped Tony Alves out of the way coming out of the final turn to take the checkers first. Alves and Anthony De Mario followed. Tyler Reiswig placed first in the 100cc class in front of Kerry Pucio and Matt Soldano. Michael Banke, riding the only electric bike in this class, finished fourth.

By far the most entertaining and fastest class this night was the 250 invitational. Briar Bauman and James Monaco competed for the front position while Andrew Luker riding on concrete for the first time, battled with Scotty Hampton Jr. for the third spot. Austin Scaggs and Bronson Bauman followed them to the checkers. Bauman got tangled in wreck earlier in the race.

With racing complete by 7 p.m., the banquet began with the customary tribute to several people. The late Mario Zanotti was recognized for his contribution as a tuner for several riders capturing the AMA Grand National #1 champioship. Dave Zanotti was then honored for the same accomplishment earning the AMA Grand National #1 in 2010. The Zanotti father and son tuners are the only father/son combination to win AMA Grand National Number championships in history. Erv Kanemoto was also recognized for his tuning works through the years to many riders. Recognition of others continued followed by a tribute to Rick “the Hock” Hocking and mention was made of several other people important to dirt track that were lost during the past year.

Saturday morning the festivities continued. With rain still a threat the pits were inside the pavilion where the banquet had been the night before. Practice commenced giving the Pro riders some track time as they joined the others in preparation for the evening events.

Twelve pro riders would compete in the heats and semis for placement in the ten rider main event.

The 150-230 heat race had the crowd on their feet when Tony Alves and Gray got into it again both on their bikes and with their fists on the track. Tempers calmed the races continued as scheduled. Jared Mees had fast time with just over six second laps this night. Heat race winners earned their positions in the trophy dash that Mees won riding flag to flag in the front after a crash and restart. Brad Baker, Stevie Bonsey and Jethro Halbert followed.

Back on the track for the 150-230 main event Alves found himself on the back row after a couple of start line jumps. Emotionally charged, Alves was in the front of the pack by the apex of the first turn. Chris Canepa rode hard to catch him closing the gap several times but in the end Alves finished first, Canepa second and Art Anchondo rounded out the podium.

Last year’s Vintage class winner Robert Silva contested Dana Perri for this class win but Perri held his own after taking the lead in the fourth lap to win this event. Randy Freeman held his third place position start to finish.

Again, the youngsters would put on the show of the night. The front position changed riders 7 times during the 15-lap contest. Briar Bauman and James Monaco battled to the first turn. Downed riders caused a restart. Bauman battled Andrew Luker on this start coming out in front. Luker and Monaco got under Bauman in lap three. Monaco got by Luker two laps later holding the lead for seven laps while Luker fell into the fourth spot and Bronson Bauman got past his brother for the second spot. Briar got under Bronson to again take second. In lap fifteen while Monaco and Bauman competed with each other Bronson Bauman got under both of them to take the checkers first followed by Monaco and his older brother Briar Luker finished fourth.

Jimmy Wood got the Open Pro hole shot but Mees would have none of it. Getting under Wood in the third lap Mees just kept going putting distance between himself and Wood. Sammy Halbert rode a consistent third place throughout the race while Mikey Faye and Kayle Kolkman competed for the fourth position. In the end the race finished Mees, Wood, Sammy Halbert, Faye and Jethro Halbert when it was called after a crash in the 17th lap.

Results Friday:
Legends A
Dana Perri; 2. Larry Silva; 3 Randy Freeman; 4. John Proto; 5 Greg Ferguson; 7. Robert Silva
Legends B
“Boo Boo” Bob Scalley; 2. Mike Yarn; 3. Nick Theroux; 4. Bill Ripley; 5. Carl Tresser; 6. Richard Luhdort
150-230 cc
1. Ken Gray; 2. Tony Alves; 3. Anthony Demario; 4. Chris Canepa; 5. Kerry Puccio; 6. Randy Freeman; 7. Nick Theroux; 8. Johnny Garner; 9. Art Anchondo; 10. Brooke Shaw
100 cc
1. Tyler Reiswig; 2. Kerry Puccio; 3. Matt Saldano; 4. Michael Banke; 5. Camden Hocking
Jr. 250 Invitational
1 Briar Bauman; 2. James Monaco; 3. Andrew Luker; 4. Scott Hampton Jr.; 5. Austin Scaggs; 6. Bronson Bauman; 7. Damon Coca; 8. John Tinsley

Results Saturday:
Pro Semi 1
Mickey Fay; 2. Kayl Kolkman; 3 Chad Cose; 4. Kris Bunch; 5. Bailey Fox; 6. Stevie Bonsey; 7. Joe Meyer; 8. Brad Baker; 9. Kyle Jones; 10. Garrett Willis
Pro Semi 2
Jared Mees; 2. Jimmy Wood; 3. Mike Rush; 4 Jethro Halbert; 5. Sam Halbert; 6. Ryan Foster; 7. Marty Fay; 8. Jeff Eklund; 9. Shawn Raggio; 10. Mike Besemer
Open Pro Consilation
Stewart Barber; 2. Alex Wood; 3. Curtis Peebles; 4. Jim Lewis; 5. Scott Alves; 6. Robert Bush; 7. Life Kelly; 8. Jermain Bacosa
150-230 cc
1. Tony Alves; 2. Chris Canepap; 3. Art Anchondo; 4. Brooke Shaw; 5. Kerry Puccio; 6. John Self; 7. Johnny Gardner; 8. Nick Theroux; 9. Anthony Demario; 10. Randy Freeman
Dana Perri; 2. Robert Silva; 3. Randy Freeman; 4. Chris Rudy; 5. Robert Bacosa; 6. Perry Smith; 7. John Frank; 8. John Larson; 9. Tony Sigala; 10. Jeff Rankin
Jr. 250 Invitational
1 Bronson Bauman; 2. James Monaco; 3 Briar Bauman; 4. Andew Luker; 5. Damon Coca; 6. Austin Scaggs; 7. John Tinsley
Pro Trophy Dash
Jared Mees; 2. Brad Baker; 3. Stevie Bonsey; 4 Jethro Halbert
Open Pro
1.. Jared Mees; 2. Jimmy Wood; 3. Sam Halbert; 4. Mickey Fay; 5 Jethro Halbert; 6. Bailey Fox; 7.. Mike Rush; 8. Kris Bunch; 9. Chad Cose; 10. Kayl Kolkman

By Karen Gould