Lengthy Delay For Daytona 200

Paul Carruthers | March 12, 2011

This year’s Daytona 200 won’t be 200 miles, as the AMA has announced that when the race is finally restarted after what has already at nearly two-hour delay – the race was stopped at roughly 2 p.m. – it will be a 15-lap sprint race with all motorcycles mandated to be fitted with medium-compound Dunlop Sportmax D211 GP front tires after safety concerns forced the race stoppage. Since 27 laps had been completed prior to the red flag, the race will 42 laps in total and not the normal 57, or 200 miles.A few of the front tires chunked, includng Jake Holden’s on the14th lap. Tire pressure and today’s hotter temperatures may have attributed to the problems with today’s track temps reaching 48 (Celcius) compared to the 33 degrees yesterday.

“The first tire, I had like 12 laps on the tire and the front end started pushing on the banking, so I kinda eased off,” Holden,whose front tires, before and after chunking, are seen at right said. “I didn’t know there were issues. When I came in the first one was missing pieces all the way around. Some big chunks. They kinda put the tire straight away. When I came in from the red flag a couple of chunks were missing from the second tire. It was a little bit, but not as bad.”None of the riders in the race tested or practiced on the medium-compound front Dunlop, which are currently on warmers awaiting the start of the race.


Paul Carruthers | Editor

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