Dunlop’s Road Racing Contingencies – $1.1 million

Press Release | March 5, 2011

The following is from Dunlop…

Dunlop is announcing a road racing contingency program for 2011 that will top $1.1 million. This significant contingency program is available to club racers throughout a wide variety of racing classes conducted by 17 popular sanctioning organizations across the USA. Competitors participating in this program may purchase tires from any recognized Dunlop dealer or Dunlop’s Race Distributors-Erion Racing (Western U.S.) and Race Tire Services (Eastern U.S.). These racing tires include Dunlop’s racing slick tires as well as the Sportmax D211 GP-A, the same tires raced at the national level in AMA competition.

To see the full listing of sanctioning bodies, contingency requirements, class-by-class listings of awards and more, go to This far-reaching 2011 contingency program represents another facet of Dunlop’s commitment to deliver world-class products and service to road race and track-day riders, and to support racing at the grass-roots level.

For more information on Dunlop race tires contact:

Erion Racing

1351 N. Kraemer Blvd. Anaheim, Ca. 92806

Orders: 800-700-3599

Technical: 714-630-8850

Fax: 714-630-8870

Race Tire Service

3026 Owen Drive #111 Nashville, TN 37013

Orders: (800) 772-8473

Technical: (615) 641-3323

Fax: (615) 641-8959

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