Josh Hill: On The Mend

Shan Moore | January 7, 2011

Josh Hill has seen better days. The one-time factory Yamaha star, who won a Supercross round in 2008, was sidelined a few months ago with devastating injuries, the result of an accident while training for X-Games. In all, Hill suffered a broken right femur, broken right humerus, a fractured pelvis and a partially collapsed lung.Hill is still on the mend from those injuries, but he is also still under contract with Hart & Huntington Supercross for then next two years. According to H&H team manager, Kenny Watson, Hill will serve as sort of a PR guy for the team while he is unable to ride.Cycle News spoke with Hill at the recent Anaheim 1 press conference.How are the injuries coming along?Everything is fine, but I have compartment syndrome in my left leg and there’s still some nerve damage. I would probably be racing now if it wasn’t for the nerve damage. All the broken bones are pretty much healed, I just have to get strong and get movement back in my foot. I was pretty much paralyzed from my kneecap down, so it was a tough few months, but it’s getting better. I can live a normal life now and I’m back on a bike now, but I’m not in anyway up to speed. I don’t think I will be back up to speed for another few months. It’s just one of those things; when the feeling comes back in my foot I’ll be back on the bike.Tell us about the PR you’re going to do for the team.I’m just going to be involved with the team and help out where I can. I’m just going to be the best PR person I can be. It’s like I have a job for a year. I’m really pumped about it and I’m pumped to be at the races every week. I’ve got two really cool teammates in Ivan Tedesco and Chris Blose so I wanna go to the races and support those guys as much as I can. The times I’ve spent at the test track with Ivan, which is only a few days, he surprised me a lot, to the point where I think he’s going to be on the podium a lot this year. So I’m excited to be around the team and if there’s any way I can help the team or help them build in any way then I will see what I can do.Do you have any predictions for Saturday night?If I were betting money I would say James Stewart, Trey Canard and Ryan Dungey.

Shan Moore | Contributing Editor

Moore covers all facets of off-road racing for Cycle News – from AMA Supercross and Motocross to GNCC and National Hare Scrambles events.