Strouds Have Eighth Child, Then He Wins

Cycle News Staff | December 19, 2010

New Zealander Andrew Stroud had a special day yesterday, the former AMA racer winning both legs of the F1 Superbike class at Manfeild, New Zealand in round two of the Suzuki International Tri-Series at Manfeild.

To make his day even better, it started with the birth of his and his wife Karyn’s eighth child, , Lucia Elizabeth Stroud.

“I had mixed emotions today, but everything worked out perfect,” the 42-year-old Stroud said in a press release. “The greatest part of the day by far was Lucia being born. She’ll be with us for a very long time, where the race wins have already been and gone. I qualified fastest and won both races, so I couldn’t have hoped for a better day. It was a good bonus to take the Suzuki Tri-Series lead, so it comes down to Wanganui now. Craig Shirriffs is going to be strong around there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick Cole is the guy to beat.”