Results Are In: Garrison Wins Tecate Enduro

Mark Kariya | December 9, 2010

The Los Ancianos Motorcycle Club released the results of the 50th Anniversary Tecate Enduro this morning and they show Zip-Ty Racing Husqvarna taking the top two spots with Bobby Garrison edging

Cory Graffunder for the win, 20.2167 to 20.4000. Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Taylor Robert claimed third with a 21.8000-point score. In addition, the Zip-Ty quartet of Garrison, Graffunder, Nick Burson and captain Ty Davis beat Kawasaki’s Destry Abbott, Larry Roeseler, Justin Soulé and Robert for team honors, 104.17 to 114.70.

Normally a motocrosser and WORCS racer, Garrison claimed he wasn’t bothered by the switch from last year’s hare scrambles to an enduro format this year.

“It was fine,” he said. “You didn’t have to keep track of time, really – you just went. The transfer sections you just kind of rode.

“It was pretty fun, I thought. You couldn’t have asked for better conditions!

“Me and Cory had a pretty good battle [for top spot] just for our team, and it came down to the last test; it came down to 10 seconds, so it was a pretty good race.”


OVERALL: 1. Bobby Garrison (Hus) 20.2167; 2. Cory Graffunder (Hus) 20.4000; 3. Taylor Robert (Kaw) 21.8000; 4. Charlie Mullins (KTM) 24.5833; 5. Destry Abbott (Kaw) 24.7667; 6 Justin Soulé 28.2667; 7. Jordan Brandt (GG) 28.5500; 8. Ryan Powell (KTM) 29.1833; 9. Ty Davis (Hus) 30.1667; 10. Ivan Ramirez (KTM) 30.8667.

OPEN: 1. Bobby Garrison (Hus); 2. Cory Graffunder (Hus); 3. Taylor Robert (Kaw); 4. Charlie Mullins (KTM); 5. Justin Soulé (Kaw).

VET: 1. Destry Abbott (Kaw); 2. Brian Sperle (KTM); 3. Michael Berenbak (Yam); 4. Greg Gillian (Kaw); 5. Mason Harrison (Yam).

SR: 1. Ty Davis (Hus); 2. Larry Roeseler (Kaw); 3. Scott Bright (GG); 4. Bryon Bruning (Kaw); 5. Jimmy Lewis (Hbg).

SUPER SR: 1. David Wood (KTM); 2. John Haaker (KTM); 3. Marty Walden (KTM); 4. Jim Beauchamp (Yam); 5. Darren Lowery (Hon).

MSTR: 1. Bill Herold (KTM); 2. Bob Bell (KTM); 3. Don Danner (KTM); 4. Wade Tuma (KTM); 5. Melvin Crider (KTM).

TEAM: 1. Zip-Ty Racing Husqvarna (Nick Burson/Ty Davis/Bobby Garrison/Cory Graffunder) 104.17; 2. Monster Energy Kawasaki (Destry Abbott/Taylor Robert/Larry Roeseler/Justin Soulé) 114.70; 3. Team NorCal/D-36 (Jordan Brandt/Ryan Powell/Brian Sperle/David Wood) 137.08; 4. Team Dirt Rider Magazine (Christopher Barrett/Dave Donatoni/Kris Keefer/Jimmy Lewis) 175.95; 5. Team Tahoe (Michael Berenbak/Scott Meyer/Kyle Railton/Marty Walden) 180.65.

Full results are available at Kariya photo

The runner-up last year at the Tecate Hare Scrambles, Bobby Garrison won the enduro in his second foray south of the border.Mark Kariya photo

The final test proved to be the game-changer, with Cory Graffunder coming out about 10 seconds short for second overall behind his teammate; the Zip-Ty Husqvarna squad also took top honors in the Team standings.Mark Kariya photo

Taylor Robert made his first Tecate a memorable one, earning third overall individually and collecting second as part of the Kawasaki team.Mark Kariya photo

Dave Wood topped the Super Senior division, which, like the Masters, did two loops instead of three.Mark Kariya photo

Bill Herold lives just over the border (on the U.S. side) and seemed right at home on Tecate’s trails, winning the Master class by a wide margin.

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