Nicky Hayden & Ducati Corse’s Holiday Wishes

Press Release | December 19, 2010

Nicky Hayden took time out from preparing for the 2011 MotoGP World Championship to join the Ducati Corse race team in wishing happy holidays to all his fans and Ducatisti worldwide.In an e-mail from his home in Owensboro, Kentucky  the Ducati Marlboro rider said, “I was in Italy last week taking care of a few things and meeting with the team and doing a little homework while the team was there building the bikes. And one day the press department asked if we could do a little video for the holiday and I said ‘Sure.'””I was expecting a little two-minute video – “Hi. Merry Christmas. See everybody next year. Ciao” – and that’s it, and I think that’s how it started. But by the time I got there it had grown some. They had cameras, lights and a crew ready to go, and, three hours later, the “short” little video was wrapping up.”It was a national holiday in Italy and the factory really was closed, so it made it easier to do some of those shots with nobody around. But in the race shop it was far from empty. It was cool, because when I was out running later that day I remember looking around and thinking everything in Bologna was closed that day but our race shop!” ALERT: The video includes a number of outtakes at the end. At one point, Hayden says “Amadeus,” rather than “auguri,” which, roughly translated, means “best wishes.””The Amadeus line at the end of the outtakes was because that’s the name of our hotel. Between takes we were chatting about where I was staying and we were joking because the hotel is about 500 meters from the factory. It’s where everybody stays who doesn’t live in the area, so it was on the tip of my tongue, and when they said ‘action,’it just rolled off.”And special holiday wishes to all my friends on the Cycle News website.”

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