Pit Posse Wins Big

Press Release | November 30, 2010

The following is from Pit Posse…The Pit Posse Amateur Team brought their game on this past week for the 39th Annual 2010 Winter National Olympics at the Gatorback Cycle Park in Florida! The Pit Posse Team represented with a total of 17 championship titles and 15 podiums finishes! We think you’ll agree.Pit Posse had the “winningest” team at the Winter O’s!Pit Posse Riders who were at the top of their game included Dakota Alix with 4 titles and 3 podiums, Kyle Peters with 3 titles and 4 podiums, Chase Bell

with 3 titles and 2 podiums, Cooper Webb with 3 titles and 1 podium, Gage Linville with 2 titles and 1 podium, Augie Lieber with 1 title and Christina

Older with 1 title and 1 podium respectively. Podium finish props also go out to Kayleen Williamson with 2 podiums and Ethan Mann with 1 podium.Pit Posse appreciates all the riders for coming out and participating in another great amateur national and would like to congratulate all the Pit

Posse riders on their amazing finishes to wrap up 2010! Pit Posse is looking forward to seeing what great things are around the corner for all the

sponsored Pit Posse riders heading into 2011!


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