Caselli and Dietrich Gunning For WORCS Title

| October 18, 2010

The final round of the WORCS series is coming to the wire with a showdown between two great off road racers, both former WORCS Champions. KTM/FMF’s Kurt Caselli started the season with the philosophy that winning the WORCS Championship meant being on the podium every single round. That’s what Kurt did and it appeared to be working until Monster energy Kawasaki’s Ricky Dietrich put together three wins in four rounds to take over the point’s chase. That’s when Caselli decided that he had to win a few races himself and put together back to back wins in the two Washington rounds.

Then, in round nine, Ricky and Kurt collided while battling for second place. Both riders went down, both got up and finished, with Caselli taking second and Dietrich third.

Now with only the final round left coming up on October 24th in Mesquite, Nevada, Kurt Caselli leads with 201 points and a record of 3-1-3-2-3-2-1-1-2. Dietrich is close behind with 195 points and a record of 5-3-1-3-1-1-2-2-3.

In the WORCS Series a Pro rider earns 25 points for first, 22 for second, 20 for third, 18 for fourth, 16 for fifth and 15 for sixth place. Caselli leads by six points; therefore if Dietrich wins he will finish with 220 points/4 wins. If Caselli finishes anywhere on the podium (as he has all season) he will finish the series with 221/3 wins (supposing a third place finish at Mesquite) or 223/3 wins (supposing a second place finish at Mesquite). Either way, Caselli will take the 2010 WORCS Championship if he finishes on the podium. Therefore, Dietrich has to win and Caselli finish no better than fourth in which case Dietrich would win the title with 220 over Caselli’s 219.

Dietrich has to put two riders between him and Caselli and there are a lot of spoilers in the race who could do just that. Mike Brown is hot, just coming off his second win of the series in Glen Helen. There is also Justin Soule with a string of podiums and the drive to win his first WORCS National. Taylor Robert (the only rider beside Caselli, Dietrich, and Brown to win a WORCS National this year) is back and eager to be on top of the box again. Colton Udall is looking for his first podium in the WORCS Series and Husky’s Bobby Garrison and Husaberg’s Nathan Woods would also like to be up on the podium in the final.

Of course, Caselli, who is a desert specialist, might just win the WORCS final himself and put an end to all the mathematic supposition. Either way, the WORCS final will be a dogfight from start to finish with the Championship on the line, bonuses, and contracts; this will be a race not to be missed.

By Joe Colombero