Tire Problems for Kenny Noyes

Press Release | September 19, 2010

The following release is from Jack & Jones by Antonio BanderasJack & Jones by Antonio Banderas Team improves sensations and gets ready for the “Asian Tour”In the warm- up, Kenny Noyes achieved the nineteenth position, improving the times set the day before and felt a lot more comfortable with the bike. Although Joan Olivé did not show such an impressive improvement, he also felt much better on the bike.Before the start of the 125 race, riders, managers, members of Dorna and Irta gathered at the start/finish straight to honour rider Shoya Tomizawa who died tragically two weeks ago during the race of the Misano GP. For this event, the paddock had the honour to be joined by the King of Spain Juan Carlos I.After the lights went off and thanks to a spectacular start, Kenny was able to improve to the twenty first position in two laps, which gave him high hopes to get to a points position. Despite the expectations and when he was only 1.5 seconds behind the best time, Kenny was forced to retire due to excessive wear of the tyres. After a good start, Joan improved several positions but was soon forced to lose ground due to the lack of feeling in the back.Kenny Noyes (Not classified): I had a very good start and I was lucky to avoid a multiple accident at the end of the straight. I was able to improve my position and try to get to the points, improving drastically the time I set yesterday. The back tyre broke and I was force to retire. It is a shame because we could have had a great race and were just 1.5 seconds behind the fastest lap of the race.”Joan Olivé 28th: I started well but I lost several places due to a multiple accident at the end of the straight. My aim was to try and keep the pace but it was impossible due to the lack of grip. I hope I am able to improve for the three races of the Asian tour.”Dani Devahive: “Analyzing the times per lap of the race and the evolution of the setup, I am convinced that if we had not had the problems with the rear tyre, Kenny would have got some points even from his starting grid position.


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