Day Four From Loretta Lynn Ranch

Cycle News Staff | August 7, 2010

By the latter stages of Friday, the once-muddy Loretta’s track had dried out, perfect conditions for the first set of championship-clinching rides.

New England legend Keith Johnson started it off with the 35 Plus title, Chris Alldredge dominated with a title in the 85 (12-14) stock class, and then Justin Bogle (pictured right) claimed the 250 B mod title. Bogle has won every moto he’s raced in so far this week.

The 50cc classes were next, and Stylez Robertson appeared to have a title in hand in the 51 AMA Class 2 division. But he crashed twice in the final moto, while Georgia’s Jackson Turpin (15), nephew of former 125 East Supercross Champ Keith, rode consistently to claim that title in dramatic fashion.

Congrats also out to Gage Linville who won all three 51cc AMA Class 1 motos, Dylan Varn who took the first-ever multi-speed 50 class crown, and Steel Gately, who won the 51 Stock Shaft Drive class.

In much faster fashion, Gannon Audette continued his impressive riding with a 1-1-1 sweep in the 450 A Pro Sport class.

In 65cc action, Luke Purther (pictured left) opened up a lot of eyes with his strong rides and a title, Joey Crown rode well to win the moto, but Purther edged him in points for the championship.If you’re looking for a future pro star in the making, look no further than Girls Champion Amanda Mahue (51), who has been riding and training with Jessica Patterson out in California. Mahue won every moto for the championship last year, and repeated this year after a strong challenge from Brandy Richards and Christina Older.Mahue (pictured right) won’t turn 16 until next year, so she could go for the three-peat in this class next year, but she might move to the big bikes and race the Women’s class. Either way, she’s going to be good.

From one future pro star we move to a big name from the past, Robbie Reynard (27), who made his return to the ranch for the first time since 1992. He dominated the 25 Plus class, taking his seventh-career title.

One more day of racing remains, with titles handed out in each moto on Saturday. Keep it right here for updates.

Day 4 Results

85 (12-14) Modified – Moto 2

1. Alexander Frye, Huntingtown, Md., Suzuki

2. Bodie Colangelo, Tampa, Fla., Suzuki

3. Steven Gretchen, McMechen, W.V., Suzuki


Supermini 1 (12-15) – Moto 2

1. Dakota Alix, Jay, Vt., Suzuki

2. Cooper Webb, Newport, N.C., Honda

3. Daniel Baker, Crittenden, Ky., KTM


Senior 40 Plus – Moto 2

1. Kevin Walker, Gray, Tenn., Yamaha

2. Doug Dubach, Tustin, Calif., Yamaha

3. Michael Treadwell, Tolland, Conn., Kawasaki


250 C Modified – Moto 2

1. Broc Gourley, Boonville, Ind., Kawasaki

2. Jacob Grzebinski, Millington, Mich., Suzuki

3. Colby Mullins, Canton, Ga., Kawasaki


250 B Modified – Moto 2

1. Justin Bogle, Cushing, Okla., Kawasaki

2. Kyle Peters, Greensboro, N.C., Honda

3. Brad Frace, Weatherford, Texas, Kawasaki


450 A – Moto 2

1. Jason Anderson, Rio Rancho, N.M., Kawasaki

2. Gavin Faith, Duncombe, Iowa, Honda

3. Shane Durham, Butler, Pa., Suzuki


College B/C (17-24) – Moto 2

1. Chris Plouffe, Castaic, Calif., Honda

2. Tyler Bereman, Atascadero, Calif., Yamaha

3. Dylan Cox, Whitesville, Ky., Kawasaki


Vet 35 Plus – Overall

1. Keith Johnson, Carver, Mass., Kawasaki*

2. Kevin Walker, Gray, Tenn., Yamaha

3. Dan Moore, Yakima, Wash., Suzuki


85 (12-14) Stock – Overall

1. Christopher Alldredge, Powell Butte, Ore., Yamaha*

2. Jordon Smith, Belmont, N.C., Suzuki

3. Chase Bell, Cairo, Ga., Kawasaki


450 B Stock – Overall

1. Justin Bogle, Cushing, Okla., Kawasaki*

2. Austin Politelli, Menifee, Calif., Yamaha

3. Joey Peters, Asbury, N.J., Yamaha


51 (7-8) AMA 2 Stock – Overall

1. Jackson Turpin, Locust Grove, Ga., Cobra*

2. Parker Mashburn, Stephenville, Texas, Cobra

3. Jack Rogers, Brookeville, Md., Cobra


51 (4-6) AMA 1 Stock – Overall

1. Gage Linville, Cordele, Ga., Cobra*

2. Robert Hailey III, North Las Vegas, Nev., Cobra

3. Cody Russell, Clermont, Fla., Cobra


51 (4-6) Stock Multi-Speed – Overall

1. Dylan Varn, Plant City, Fla., Honda*

2. Vincent Valente, Kissimmee, Fla., Honda

3. Cameron McInerney, Pittsfield, Mass., Honda


51 (4-6) Stock Shaft Drive – Overall

1. Steel Gately, Fort Pierce, Fla., Yamaha*

2. Lukas Lewis, Locust Grove, Ga., Yamaha

3. Deacon Kozel, Harrisonburg, Va., Yamaha


450 A/Pro Sport – Overall

1. Gannon Audette, Cairo, Ga., Suzuki*

2. Lowell Spangler, Lebanon, Pa., Kawasaki

3. Bryce Vallee, Escondido, Calif., Yamaha


65 (7-11) Modified – Overall

1. Luke Purther, Oak Hills, Calif., KTM*

2. Joey Crown, Metamora, Ill., KTM

3. Chase Sexton, La Moille, Ill., Cobra


Girls (12-15) – Overall

1. Amanda Maheu, Clinton, Utah, Yamaha*

2. Brandy Richards, Havasu, Ariz., Kawasaki

3. Kylie Fasnacht, Port St. Lucie, Fla., Suzuki


Junior 25 Plus – Overall

1. Robbie Reynard, Oklahoma City, Okla., Yamaha*

2. Clark Stiles, Tanner, Ala., Honda

3. James Evans, Elizabeth, Pa., Kawasaki


Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C – Overall

1. Luke Renzland, Hewitt, N.J., Yamaha*

2. Colt Nichols, Muskogee, Okla., Yamaha

3. Claudio Leocata, Miami, Fla., Yamaha


Senior 45 Plus – Overall

1. Doug Dubach, Tustin, Calif., Yamaha*

2. Barry McCarty, Port Orange, Fla., Kawasaki

3. Scott Fredericksen, Pensacola, Fla., Kawasaki


Masters 50 Plus – Overall

1. Matt Tedder Sr., Surfside, Calif., Kawasaki*

2. Craig Pickett, Linden, Mich., Honda

3. Mark Hyde, Pataskala, Ohio, KTM


* Denotes AMA Amateur National Champion


To see video highlights of Friday’s action, head over to to watch MX Sports Center, hosted by Jason Weigandt and Kevin Kelly.


The fifth and final day of competition at the 29th Annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship commences on Saturday with a full slate of 21 motos scheduled for the remaining classes. For continued updates on everything going on at Loretta Lynn’s log on to