Caselli Captures Washington WORCS

| August 2, 2010

FMF/KTM’s Kurt Caselli kicked off the WORCS Week National Championship with a victory in the hare scrambles event in Olympia, Washington, July 31-August 1. In doing so, Caselli took over the series lead in the regular WORCS Championship.

After passing fast starter Destry Abbott, Kawasaki rider Ricky Dietrich and Caselli took control of the race, as they battled for the lead. Caselli would eventually pass Dietrich near the halfway point of the two-hour race and go on to win with about a minute cushion over Dietrich.

“I got into second behind Ricky,” said Caselli. “He was putting in some fast laps early so I just paced him for a while before I really started pushing. Then I went after him and got by him in the pits. From then on I just rode hard and enjoyed the Washington woods. There’s a lot going on in this course, it’s a lot fun. It’s always a good day when you win.”

Third went to KTM’s Mike Brown who started off in the middle of the pack. He steadily worked his way up in hopes of defending his WORCS Week Championship title. Brown spent much of the racing dicing with Kawasaki rider Justin Soule, who ended up fourth.

Fifth went to Husaberg rider Nathan Woods, followed by Brenden Ritzman, Colton Udall, Gary Sutherlin, Abbott and Kevin Rookstool.

With three rounds left in the regular WORCS series, Caselli holds a one-point lead over Dietrich.



1. Kurt Caselli (KTM)

2. Ricky Dietrich (Kaw)

3. Mike Brown (KTM)

4. Justin Soule (Kaw)

5. Nathan Woods (HSB)

6. Brenden Ritzman (KTM)

7. Colton Udall (Hon)

8. Gary Sutherlin (Kaw)

9. Destry Abbott (Kaw)

10. Kevin Rookstool (KTM).

By Joe Colombero