Flat Track Pros Sprint to Four Wheels (07/28/2010)

Press Release | July 28, 2010

The following is a press release from I.C.E. Speedway… 

This past Saturday night at I-96 Speedway in Lake Odessa, MI I witnessed the 2008 I.C.E. World Champion “Smokin” Joe Kopp hold off “Jersey” Jake Johnson and Kenny Coolbeth for 25 laps on a very tacky blue groove half mile. When it was all said and done the defending twins champion and reigning I.C.E. World Champion “Jammin” Jared Mees came home in fifth position after a hard fought battle. 

However on Sunday morning the sites moved to the beautiful well prepared Mid Michigan Raceway in Fenwick, MI where Jared Mees, 2009 I.C.E. World Champion Kevin Anderson and multiple I.C.E. major event winner J.R. Schnabel were trading in their leathers, steel shoes and two wheel machines for a fire suit, head and neck restraints, 4 wheels and 600 horse power of a winged sprint car.
Kirk Cheney of Cheney Race Engines in Hastings, MI, who also races the Manufacturers Cup Bikes during the winter, put together an awesome experience for the top 3 racers in this loaded ICE Racing division. Cup Bike Racers that finished in the top 3 in points at the end of the 2010 winter season received this once in a lifetime opportunity.

After a quick run down of operational instructions, safety guidelines and resetting the rev limiter to 6500 for the first pass, it was time to get the guys out on the track for their first set of laps. First out was Jared Mees and there was no waiting around to see what kind of power these babies had. After just a couple laps of putting around the Jammer stomped on it a couple times to get the feel. Over the one way radio Cheney had him bring it in after a quick 5 laps. After all everyone had to give it a shot before the car got possibly wrecked. Next out was Kevin Anderson. Kevin being the only one of these three to drive a race car before went out for his first session and got the feel for it pretty quick. Last but not least was the injured but not too injured J.R. Schnabel. J.R. just coming off knee surgery drove down to watch the GNC on Saturday but wasn’t going to miss this earned track day. It was a little tough for J.R. to get in and out of the car, but once in he was fine and got the hang of it very well.

After the first session Cheney opted to put on a new right rear for the boys and turn off the rev limiter so they could get out there and get to it for real this time. First out was Jared Mees, and wasting no time Jared went out and threw the car around like he knew what he was doing. Even though Cheney didn’t want to see any stop watches, you couldn’t keep these racers from being competitive with each other. That being said Jared went out and turned a 15.6 second lap as his fastest lap. Next out was Kevin Anderson and by Jersey Jake Johnson’s watch he turned a 15 flat. Then JR Schnabel hit the track and eager to beat Jared and Kevin he only managed to get a 15.6 almost identical to Jared Mees. So when it was all said and done Kevin Anderson put down the quickest lap of the day.

It was a beautiful day and as it drew to an end the bottom fell out just after Kirk Cheney showed everyone how driving a 600 HP Sprint Car was done. That is until he spun it out show boating. If you’ve never been to Mid Michigan Raceway to watch a race, it’s a must do. And if you’ve never been to an I.C.E. World Championship ICE Race to see these guys bang handlebars, I highly recommend it also as the action never stops. They don’t call it The Greatest Spectacle On ICETM for nothing!


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