2011 AMA Pro Road Racing Rules Released

Press Release | July 13, 2010

The following is from AMA Pro Racing…AMA Pro Racing released today a “Red Line” version of the 2011 General Equipment and Technical rules for the AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike, Daytona SportBike and SuperSport divisions of AMA Pro Road Racing to facilitate pre-planning and preparation for the 2011 season.– Click here to download the Red Line version of the 2011 Equipment and Technical Rules —

The early release of this information is intended to provide our competitors and potential participants ample opportunity to plan and prepare for continued and further competition in the existing AMA Pro Road Racing classes. 

This preliminary “Red Line” version of the AMA Pro Road Racing Rule Book includes a number of changes in the General Equipment and Technical Class Standards areas that are intended to enhance and improve the quality of competition for the benefit of competitors, fans and officials alike. 

Subsequent revisions, at a later date, to the Race Rules and Procedures and Licensing and Credentials sections will follow this preliminary release of these Technical Sections.

It is the intention of AMA Pro Racing to provide a stable rules environment for its teams and manufacturers.  The early release of this technical information is an ongoing part of that mission, and AMA Pro Racing reserves the right to update the rules to maintain the competitive balance that is an essential part of the sport.

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