Dungey, Wilson Triumphant at Budds Creek

Jean Turner | June 19, 2010

After finishing the first moto in third after not being able to get around Mike Alessi in the final laps of the race, it looked as though it might not be Ryan Dungey’s day. But the Rockstar Makita Suzuki rider was able to turn it all around and take a dominant win in the second moto over Chad Reed and Ben Townley. Reed’s second place finish in the second moto gave him third overall behind Andrew Short who claimed second overall with his 1-5 score.

In the 250 class, Pro Circuit Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson took his career first overall win after topping the second moto. Justin Barcia of the GEICO Powersports Honda team finished second in the moto and on the day just ahead of Tyla Rattray. The two actually ended the day tied at 42 points apiece but the nod for runner up went to Barcia on account of his better second moto finish.


In a replay of the first moto, the Red Bull Honda of Andrew Short got off with the holeshot followed by Brett Metcalfe, Dungey, Alessi and Reed. Dungey quickly settled into second and began to reel in Short. Alessi ran an early third, but began to slide back in the pack on account of a damaged front brake rotor.

It only took Dungey a few laps to relieve Short of the lead, and he promptly checked out leaving Short to do battle with Reed. As well as the day started for Short, his good fortune wasn’t to last. He overshot a tabletop, blew a turn and ended up on the ground letting Reed slip by for second. It was enough to sap Short of his mojo and in the next two laps Metcalfe and Townley were also able to get around him.

Metcalfe ran in third for a while, but succumbed to the stifling heat and humidity and couldn’t quite keep his pace. That left Townley to take over third with Josh Grant of the JGR Yamaha team in close pursuit. The final laps of the race between Townley and Grant were quite exciting as the two went back and forth before Townley secured the point.

For Grant, however, fourth place secured him fourth place on the day ahead of Alessi, who ended the day fifth with a disappointing 2-12 score. Metcalfe held on for sixth overall with a pair of sixes, followed by Ryan Sipes with a pair of sevens. Townley collected eighth with his 14-3 finish followed by Kyle Chisholm (8-8) and Justin Brayton (10-10).


The second moto holeshot in the 250 class went to Troy Lee Designs Honda rider Wil Hahn followed closely by Dean Wilson, Blake Wharton and Justin Barcia. Barcia knocked his way past his GEICO Powersports Honda teammate Wharton for third while Wilson stole the lead from Hahn.

Moto one winner Christophe Pourcel was off to a top-ten start, and making his move toward the front, but it’s clear the number 377 wasn’t at the top of his game at Budds Creek. The Frenchman was said to be having stomach problems which kept him from mounting a charge in the second moto.

Wharton dropped out of the top-five when he hit the ground and got back up to find himself facing the wrong way on the track. Meanwhile his teammate, Barcia continued to make progress, getting by Hahn for second.

Tyla Rattray was making steady progress throughout the moto, and only seemed to be getting stronger as the laps went on despite the humid heat and incredibly rough track. Rattray got around his Pro Circuit teammate Pourcel to move into fourth. He also picked off Hahn and nearly got around Barcia as well – which would have given him the overall win, unbeknownst to him at the time.

Pourcel nearly finished in the top-five but a late race crash slid him back another spot to sixth, where he finished to collect fourth overall. Jake Weimer crossed the finish line behind him in seventh – a marked improvement over his dismal 21st place in the first moto.

Hahn’s fourth place finish in the moto gave him fifth overall ahead of Star Yamaha’s Broc Tickle who ended the day in sixth with a 6-5 score. Trey Canard collected seventh with his 7-8 score followed by Martin Davalos (9-10), Wharton (11-9) and Eli Tomac (10-13).

450 Class Overall Results:

1. Ryan Dungey (3-1)

2. Andrew Short (1-5)

3. Chad Reed (4-2)

4. Josh Grant (5-4)

5. Mike Alessi (2-12)

6. Brett Metcalfe (6-6)

7. Ryan Sipes (7-7)

8. Ben Townley (14-3)

9. Kyle Chisholm (8-8)

10. Justin Brayton (10-10)

11. Kyle Cunningham (9-13)

12. Nick Wey (12-14)

13. Kyle Regal (11-15)

14. Dan Reardon (37-9)

15. Ben Evans (15-16)

16. Matt Moss (13-18)

17. Tommy Hahn (38-11)

18. Weston Peick (17-19)

19. Travis Sewell (16-21)

20. Matt Goerke (39-17)


250 Class Overall Results:

1. Dean Wilson (4-1)

2. Justin Barcia (3-2)

3. Tyla Rattray (2-3)

4. Christophe Pourcel (1-6)

5. Wil Hahn (5-4)

6. Broc Tickle (6-5)

7. Trey Canard (7-8)

8. Martin Davalos (9-10)

9. Blake Wharton (11-9)

10. Eli Tomac (10-13)

11. Cole Seely (13-11)

12. Jake Weimer (21-7)

13. Max Anstie (8-39)

14. Hunter Hewitt (17-14)

15. Vince Friese (17-14)

16. Les Smith (18-15)

17. Matt Lemoine (16-17)

18. Tommy Serale (12-38)

19. Darryn Durham (14-30)

20. Alex Martin (15-23)

Jean Turner | Contributor

A former staffer at Cycle News, Turner continues to contribute to the website and magazine as a columnist and someone we can count on to whip up a few thousand words on an off-road race when needed.