DiSalvo Splits From Triumph Team

Press Release | June 7, 2010

The following is from Team America…Popular American racer Jason DiSalvo has announced that he and the ParkinGO BE1 Triumph team have amicably parted ways, as of today’s date.

DiSalvo has won races in the AMA Supersport, Superstock, and Formula Xtreme classes, and most recently earned six pole positions in the 2009 Daytona Sportbike championship. In 2008 DiSalvo finished third in the AMA Superbike Championship. During DiSalvo’s professional career he has recorded multiple wins, dozens of podium finishes, plus multiple second- and third-place final championship rankings in the AMA series over the course of the years 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Moving to the Supersport World Championship for 2010, DiSalvo showed his quickness in learning new tracks and was hopeful of a season with many top-ten finishes leading to the goal of the podium, as soon as possible. Unfortunately, limited-resources within the team have impacted his progress in the highly competitive field of the World Supersport class. DiSalvo is thankful for all that the team was able to do in introducing him to the world-racing scene of production-based motorcycles.

DiSalvo said, “The guys on the ParkinGO team really gave me an education about racing at this level, and I thank them for all they’ve done. Being the only team with double the number of riders has made it difficult for each of us to perform at our best. I’m dedicated to the craft of racing that I love so much, but with my bike regularly showing 5-10 mph less speed than the others through the traps, there’s a truth that neither of us can ignore. I hope that with one less rider these guys can do better and that I can find a team who’s ready to benefit from my riding. Again, I thank the team for trying as hard as they could with what they have to work with.”

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