May 20 – Enhanced On-Board Coverage of FIM World MX

Press Release | May 20, 2010

The following is a press release from Youthstream…Since the opening Grand Prix in Bulgaria, more on-board camera coverage of the 2010 FIM Motocross World Championship is guaranteed by the adoption of four new mini cameras featuring the latest technology available in the market. Viewers can now watch the best on track action directly from the rider’s helmets.

Both for the MX1 and MX2 classes there are two on board cameras per GP heat race to be placed on two different riders.

Each camera is provided with a roll-off system to clean the lens and offer a clear vision throughout the whole race despite the weather conditions. The cameras, which are made in carbon fibre and are extremely lightweight, are placed on the riders’ helmet – the best place to view the action on track.

The technology used in the digital video transmitters of the cameras’ signal has also been developed and improved. Now the four devices are made in the same aluminium used in avionics which reduces the weight dramatically and allows better heat dispersion.

These cameras as well as the transmitters and the whole complementary equipment are developed entirely by Youthstream and OBC (On Board Camera) Engineer Mr. Sandro Caselli since one and a half years. The system is built and developed to overcome the many logistic difficulties which are connected to the usage of these devices in off road race tracks, which are often spread on different heights and grounds.

Each Grand Prix with its breathtaking package of action can be watched live and delayed on TV as well as online through the brand new Youthstream TV.

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