U.S. Grand Prix Talks Continue

Cycle News Staff | April 26, 2010

The FIM Motocross World Championship paddock was awash with talk about a proposal from the FIM (on the request of Youthstream) regarding a double technical rule proposal for the US Grand Prix at Glen Helen on May 30. The idea was to allow American entrants to use AMA guidelines with regards to fuel and noise control (different to World Championship regs) to facilitate the entry process and augment attraction of the meeting to natives. Factors such as differentiations in the performance and the dip in integrity of the FIM series were issues against the scheme.

The manufacturers unanimously voted against the double-rule, with their verdict submitted to the FIM on Sunday. The final decision comes from the Grand Prix Commission, consisting of three parties – Youthstream, FIM and MSMA (Motorcycling Sport Manufacturers Association).

Team managers also met Saturday evening to register their grievances about the developments over travel to the U.S. and also the double-rule. Representative Martin Van Genderen will present the documents to Youthstream and a further meeting will be held in three weeks at the Grand Prix of Catalunya – round five of the championship and just two weeks before the trip to California.

Meanwhile, the future of the British GP still hangs in the balance. The status and venue of the event – which is to be rescheduled after being trumped by the U.S. Grand Prix – remains undecided past the initial deadline Youthstream hoped to meet at Valkenswaard. With the calendar currently at 15 events, the stability of rounds 14 and 15 at Lierop (Holland) and Fermo (Italy) have been questioned, although Fermo now seems certain to close the 2010 calendar. If the British race can be organised by Youthstream then it will have to replace another meeting and Lierop could be the victim.