Masterpool Injured At Lake Whitney

Press Release | March 16, 2010

On Saturday, March 13, Makita Suzuki rider Jesse Masterpool was seriously injured while competing at the 2010 Thor Lake Whitney Spring Classic in Texas. Masterpool suffered a head injury and was airlifted from the track to the hospital where he is still in serious condition.To follow Jesse’s recovery, visit:, is a message from the Masterpool family:March 16, 2010Official Statement from the Masterpool Family:Jerry, Tara, Jesse, Jake, and Ty are overwhelmed with the support Jesse’s competitors, friends, family, loved ones, and the entire MX community have shown. Each and every thought and prayer means everything to our family and we know it is healing Jesse. Your support is helping immensely in this difficult time. Please continue with your thoughts and prayers for Jesse. To everyone attending the GNC International Finals or any other future event, please remember to race safe, smart, and have fun! Jesse would not want anything other than this for everyone.

We would like to apologize in the delay for not reaching out to everyone sooner. We will try our best to update everyone on a daily basis throughout Jesse’s recovery, you deserve this. You are all Jesse’s family.

God Bless


Jerry, Tara, Jesse, Jake and Ty

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