Lake Whitney Round-Up

Kit Palmer | March 16, 2010

Hundreds of amateur motocrossers are gearing up for the GNC International MX Final at Oak Hill Raceway in Decatur, Texas, today after spending the week racing at WB Ranch for the 2010 Thor Lake Whitney Spring Classic motocross, the unofficial start of the 2010 amateur MX racing season.Unfortunately, the Whitney event was marred by the injury suffered by Rockstar Makita Suzuki rider Jesse Masterpool, one of the top 85cc riders in the country. Masterpool fell on Saturday, March 13, and suffered a head injury and is still reported to be in a coma. Masterpool had already locked up the Super Mini (7-11) class over Adam Cianciarulo. (You can monitor Masterpool’s progress at wasn’t the only rider flown to the hospital with a head injury. Tyler Stewart also suffered a hard crashed during the week and had been recovering in the hospital. Luckily, he is said to be getting better quickly and is reportedly to be already back home.Cianciarulo, however, was one of the top riders during the week at Whitney. The Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green rider came away with three championships. He topped both 85cc (12-13) Stock and Modified classes, and the Super Mini 2 (13-16) class.Cianciarulo wasn’t the only triple winner of the week, Jake Pinhancos, of Rochester, Massachusetts, also pulled down three class championships, taking the checkered flag in first place every time he got on the track. Pinhancos, riding KTMs, won the 65cc (7-11) Open Modified class, and both 65cc (10-11) Stock and Modified classes.Cooper Webb is having a busy couple of weeks. After winning two class championships at the inaugural Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross in Florida the previous Sunday, the Honda rider picked up another championship at Whitney in the 85cc (14-15) Modified class. He also earned a second place in the Super Mini 2 (13-16) class.Tristan Miller made the trip from Alpine, California, worthwhile. The Suzuki rider came away with two championships in the 85cc (9-11) Stock and Modified classes. His only defeat in the finals came in the first Stock moto when he finished second to Arizona’s Mark Worth, who captured a championship for himself in the Junior. Mini (9-11) division.Honda riders Cole Thompson and Kyle Peters traded wins in the two Schoolboy classes.The battle for the Women (12+) Championship came down to the final moto between Californians Alexah Pearson and Jennifer Burton. Pearson rode her Yamaha to victory in the first moto, but Burton rode her Kawasaki to victory in the tie-breaking second moto, giving her the overall win.Honda’s Eli Tomac of Colorado dominated the 250 classes. He won all four motos in the 250 A and 250 A Pro Sport classes for the overall wins. Kawasaki Team Green rider Jason Anderson, of Edgewood, New Mexico, finished second overall in both classes.Anderson, however, won both the 450 A and 450 A Pro Sport classes over Suzuki rider Nick Paluzzi of Riverside, California.James Stewart’s brother Malcolm Stewart won the first 450 A-class moto but DNF’ed the second.Suzuki’s Ian Trettel had a tough time. The fast rider from Florida suffered crashes all week and his best finish was fifth overall in the 250 A class. And his luck only got worse. Soon after arriving at Oak Hill, he reportedly crashed during practice and broke his wrist.WB Ranch

Lake Whitney, Texas

Results: March 9-13, 201051 (4-6) STK SHAFT/MULTI SPEED: 1. Gage Linville (Cob); 2. Cooper Gerecke (Cob); 3. Callin Kauffman (Cob); 4. Seth Milam (Cob); 5. Dylan Duclos (Yam).50 (4-6) STK: 1. Gage Linville (Cob); 2. A. Cade Britt (Cob); 3. Luke Kalaitzian (Cob); 4. Cooper Gerecke (Cob); 5. Seth Milam (Cob).51 (7-8) STK: 1. Lance Kobusch (Cob); 2. Carson Mumford (Cob); 3. Stilez Robertson (Cob); 4. James Shockey (Cob); 5. Ethan Mann (Cob).51 (4-8) OPEN: 1. Stilez Robertson (Cob); 2. Lance Kobusch (Cob); 3. Parker Mashburn (Cob); 4. Jalek Swoll (Cob); 5. Jack Rogers (Cob).65 (7-9) STK: 1. Drew Drennan (KTM); 2. Jordan Bailey (KTM); 3. Tristan Lewis (KTM); 4. Carter Halpain (KTM); 5. Johnny Garcia (KTM).65 (7-9) MOD: 1. Jordan Bailey (KTM); 2. Tristan Lewis (KTM); 3. Brandon Smith (Cob); 4. Carter Halpain (KTM); 5. Lance Kobusch (Cob).65 (7-11) OPEN MOD: 1. Jake Pinhancos (KTM); 2. Luke Purther (KTM); 3. Max Markolf (KTM); 4. Joey Crown (KTM); 5. Derek Drake (Kaw).65 (10-11) MOD: 1. Jake Pinhancos (KTM); 2. Austin Forkner (Cob); 3. Luke Purther (KTM); 4. Joey Crown (Suz); 5. Sean Cantrell (Suz).65 (10-11) STK: 1. Jake Pinhancos (KTM); 2. Sean Cantrell (Suz); 3. Luke Purther (KTM); 4. Joey Crown (KTM); 5. Cody Eaton (KTM).85 (9-11) STK: 1. Tristan Miller (Suz); 2. Mark Worth (Kaw); 3. Rookie White (Suz); 4. Sean Cantrell (Suz); 5. Tristan Charboneau (Yam).85 (9-11) MOD: 1. Tristan Miller (Suz); 2. Tristan Charboneau (Yam); 3. Sean Cantrell (Suz); 4. Austin Forkner (Suz); 5. Michael Mosiman (Suz).85 (12-13) STK: 1. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw); 2. Steven Gretchen (Suz); 3. Cody McCulloch (Yam); 4. Jon Ames (Kaw); 5. Kyler West (KTM).85 (12-13) MOD: 1. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw); 2. Jon Ames (Kaw); 3. Steven Gretchen (Suz); 4. Jordon Smith (Suz); 5. Chase Bell (Kaw).85 (14-15) MOD: 1. Cooper Webb (Hon); 2. Jake Owen (Suz); 3. Dakota Alix (Suz); 4. Jaisaac Sloan (Suz); 5. Chris Alldredge (Yam).JR MINI (9-11): 1. Mark Worth (Kaw); 2. Rookie White (Suz); 3. Tristan Miller (Suz); 4. Challen Tennant (Kaw); 5. Tristan Charboneau (Yam).S/MINI 1 (7-11): 1. Jesse Masterpool (Suz); 2. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw); 3. Nick Gaines (Kaw); 4. Chris Alldredge (Yam); 5. Dakota Alix (Unk).S/MINI 2 (13-16): 1. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw); 2. Cooper Webb (Hon); 3. Nick Gaines (Kaw); 4. Dakota Alix (Unk); 5. Chris Alldredge (Yam).SCHLBY 1 (12-16) B/C: 1. Cole Thompson (Hon); 2. Mitchell Odenburg (Yam); 3. Brady Kiesel (Yam); 4. Tyler Stewart (Yam); 5. Colton Ford (KTM).SCHLBY 2 (13-16) B/C: 1. Kyle Peters (Hon); 2. Jessy Nelson (Hon); 3. Justin Bogle (Kaw); 4. Colt Nichols (Kaw); 5. Cole Thompson (Hon).GIRLS (9-13): 1. Brandy Richards (Kaw); 2. Kaitlyn Morrow (Yam); 3. Stephanie Cabanzo (Suz); 4. Michelle Smith (Yam); 5. Abby Davignon (Kaw).GIRLS (9-16): 1. Amanda Maheu (Yam); 2. Taylor Higgins (Hon); 3. Kaitlyn Morrow (Yam); 4. Brandy Richards (Kaw); 5. Demi Miller (Kaw).WMN (12+): 1. Jennifer Burton (Kaw); 2. Alexah Pearson (Yam); 3. Shelbie Brittain (Kaw); 4. Kasie Creson (Hon); 5. Erica Cook (Yam).WMN A EX: 1. Jaqueline Strong (KTM); 2. Erica Cook (Yam); 3. Lindsey Palmer (Hon); 4. Taryn Covington (Hon).250 A: 1. Eli Tomac (Hon); 2. Jason Anderson (Kaw); 3. Lance Vincent (Hon); 4. Michael Leib (Hon); 5. Ian Trettel (Suz).250 A SPORT: 1. Eli Tomac (Hon); 2. Jason Anderson (Kaw); 3. Lance Vincent (Hon); 4. Cole Martinez (Yam); 5. Tyler Sjoberg (Kaw).250 B STK: 1. Jessy Nelson (Hon); 2. Kyle Peters (Hon); 3. Zeb Smith (Kaw); 4. Cole Thompson (Hon); 5. Bryce Stewart (Suz).250 B MOD: 1. Kyle Peters (Hon); 2. Jessy Nelson (Hon); 3. Bryce Stewart (Suz); 4. Cole Thompson (Hon); 5. Justin Bogle (Kaw).250 STK: 1. Jesse Gore (Yam); 2. Broc Gourley (Kaw); 3. Cody Sloan (Yam); 4. Trey Davis (Kaw); 5. Eric Blankenship (Hon).250 C MOD: 1. Jesse Gore (Yam); 2. Antonio Hernandez (Hon); 3. Logan Ransdell (Yam); 4. Trey Davis (Kaw); 5. Felipe Latorre (Yam).OPEN AM: 1. Jessy Nelson (Hon); 2. Kyle Peters (Hon); 3. Justin Bogle (Kaw); 4. Dylan Cox (Kaw); 5. Kyle Swanson (Hon).450 A: 1. Jason Anderson (Kaw); 2. Nick Paluzzi (Suz); 3. Lance Vincent (Hon); 4. Terran Odell (Yam); 5. Tyler Sjoberg (Kaw).450 A PRO SPORT: 1. Jason Anderson (Kaw); 2. Nick Paluzzi (Suz); 3. Tyler Sjoberg (Kaw); 4. Cole Martinez (Yam); 5. Lowell Spangler (Kaw).450 B STK: 1. David Buller Jr (Hon); 2. Justin Summers (Kaw); 3. Dylan Cox (Kaw); 4. Bryce Stewart (Suz); 5. Justin Hill (Suz).450 B MOD: 1. Justin Summers (Kaw); 2. Mitchel Alcorn (Yam); 3. Joey Peters (Yam); 4. McCoy Oldenburg (Yam); 5. Bryce Stewart (Suz).450 C STK: 1. Austin Roden (Hon); 2. Trey Davis (Kaw); 3. Cody Sloan (Yam); 4. Jason Guzak (Hon); 5. Cory Reed (Hon).450 C MOD: 1. Antonio Hernandez (Hon); 2. Trey Davis (Kaw); 3. Taylor Stasny (Hon);4. Kyle Hopkins (Yam); 5. Matthew Turner (Hon).4-STRK OPEN: 1. Jason Anderson (Kaw); 2. Dustin Pipes (Suz); 3. Ryan Millar (KTM); 4. Preston Tilford (Yam); 5. Jake Loberg (Kaw).COLLEGE B/C (17-24): 1. Zeb Smith (Kaw); 2. David Buller Jr. (Hon); 3. Steven Tokarski (Kaw); 4. Dylan Cox (Kaw); 5. Mitchel Alcorn (Yam).25+ B/C: 1. Kyle Dangler (KTM); 2. Kevin Seamans (Kaw).30+ B/C: 1. Kevin Seamans (Kaw); 2. Mike Miller (Hon); 3. Chris Kirk (Kaw); 4. Marcelo Novaco (Hon); 5. Paulo Quiroga (Hon).35+: 1. Earl May (Kaw); 2. Dan Bisceglia (Yam); 3. Kevin Cozadd (Suz); 4. Mike Duclos (Yam); 5. Brian McCanna (Yam).40+ A/B: 1. Earl May (Kaw); 2. Kelly Andris (Hon); 3. Don Bisceglia (Yam); 4. Matt Tedder Sr. (Kaw); 5. Allen Harmon (Kaw).40+ C/D: 1. Mike Miller (Hon); 2. Chris Kirk (Kaw); 3. Marcelo Novaco (Hon); 4. Randy Johnson (Yam).


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