Baggett Surprises Dallas Lites

Kit Palmer | March 20, 2010

Blake Baggett, from Grand Terrace, California, was the surprise winner in tonight’s East Lites main event at Cowboys Stadium in Texas. Baggett, of the Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki/Yoshimura team, took full advantage of a massive first-turn pile-up that collected just about every rider in the field, including points leader Christophe Pourcel and his closest challenger Austin Stroupe. But that didn’t mean Baggett stumbled into the win – not at all, he worked for it. And the 49,082 fans in attendance gave the rookie a resounding ovation afterwards.Ryan Sipes, on the Motoconcepts Yamaha, was one of the few riders that came out of the first turn relatively unscathed and settled into the point position followed by Suzuki riders Troy Adams and Jake Moss. Baggett was fourth after the first lap.While battling for second on the second lap, Adams and Moss collided, putting both riders out of the race and Baggett into second.Baggett slowly reeled in Sipes and started to turn up the pressure late in the race as the two leaders navigated around lapped riders. Two laps from the end, Sipes got cut off by one of them in a turn and Blaggett rode around Sipes and into the lead.Sipes made a run at Blaggett, but the Suzuki rider held on to take his first career Supercross win just in front of Sipes.”This is a dream come true,” said Baggett who had tears of joy running down his face. “I mean, my dream was just to get on the podium, let alone win. Nothing will top this, except for maybe a 450 win.”Justin Barcia, last week’s winner, joined Baggett and Sipes on the podium. Barcia, like almost everyone else, was caught up in the first turn crash, but managed to free his bike quickly and work his way up through the pack. The GEICO Powersports Honda rider actually caught up to Baggett when the Suzuki rider was running second and tried to make a pass. But Barcia tagged Baggett’s bike, bending his front-brake disc, rendering it useless. So Barcia rode much of the race without a front brake and had to back off.Star Racing/DNA Shred Stix Yamaha’s Martin Davalos finished fourth and ahead of Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Stroupe.Stroupe had a chance to gain big points on Pourcel but couldn’t capitalize. He got up to fourth and was climbing when he fell a couple of times, hindering his progress. He did finish two spots ahead of Pourcel, who rounded the first lap in 17th place after getting swallowed up in the first turn.Stroupe did gain two points on the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider, Pourcel, who still leads the championship by five points over Stroupe.

Cowboys StadiumArlington, TexasResults: March 20, 2010 (Round 5 of 7)HEAT 1 (6 laps, 1-9 transfer): 1. Austin Stroupe (Suz); 2. Justin Barcia (Hon); 3. Ryan Sipes (Yam); 4. Darryn Durham (Hon); 5. Matthew Lemoine (Suz); 6. Taylor Futrell (KTM); 7. Justin Sipes (Kaw); 8. James Decotis (Hon); 9. Les Smith (Yam); 10. Lucas Crespi (Suz); 11. Michael Akaydin (Yam); 12. Drew Yenerich (Yam); 13. Sean Lipanovich (Hon); 14. Aaron Gulley (Kaw); 15. Adam Gulley (Kaw); 16. Vernon Mckiddie (Kaw); 17. Brett Metcalfe (Hon); 18. Kyle Keylon (Suz); 19. Tevin Tapia (KTM); 20. Vince Friese (Yam).Race Time: 4 min., 53.760 sec.Margin of Victory: 3.029 sec.HEAT 2 (6 laps, 1-9 transfer): 1. Christophe Pourcel (Kaw); 2. Martin Davalos (Yam); 3. Troy Adams (Suz); 4. Jake Moss (Suz); 5. Steven Clarke (Suz); 6. Adam Chatfield (Kaw); 7. Michael Willard (Hon); 8. Tyler Wharton (Hon); 9. Levi Kilbarger (Hon); 10. Jason Hussey (Kaw); 11. Kyle Cunningham (Yam); 12. Tony Gallo (Hon); 13. Blake Baggett (Suz); 14. Kyle Gills (Kaw); 15. Josh Lichtle (Yam); 16. Johnny Moore (Hon); 17. Gared Steinke (Yam); 18. Kyle Hussey (Kaw); 19. Codi Adams (Yam); 20. Topher Ingalls (Yam).Race Time: 5 min., 03.288 sec.Margin of Victory: 1.711 sec.LCQ (4 laps, 1-2 transfer): 1. Brett Metcalfe (Hon); 2. Blake Baggett (Suz); 3. Cyle Cunningham (Yam); 4. Vince Friese (Yam); 5. Codi Adams (Yam); 6. Kyle Gills (Kaw); 7. Kyle Keylon (Suz); 8. Jason Hussey (Kaw); 9. Aaron Gulley (Kaw); 10. Michael Akaydin (Kaw); 11. Drew Yenerich (Yam); 12. Adam gulley (Kaw); 13. Kyle Hussey (Kaw); 14. Johnny Moore (Hon); 15. Vernon Mckiddie (Kaw); 16. Sean Lipanovich (Hon); 17. topher Ingalls (Yam); 18. Tony Gallo (Hon); 19. Gared Steinke (Yam); 20. Josh Lichtle (Yam); 21. Tevin Tapia (KTM); 22. Lucas Crespi (Suz).Race Time: 3 min., 17.620 sec.Margin of Victory: 0.978 sec.MAIN (15 laps): 1. Blake Baggett (Suz); 2. Ryan Sipes (Yam); 3. Justin Barcia (Hon); 4. Martin Davalos (Yam); 5. Austin Stroupe (Suz); 6. Matthew Lemoine (Suz); 7. Christophe Pourcel (Kaw); 8. Michael Willard (Hon); 9. Taylor Futrell (KTM); 10. Steven Clarke (Suz); 11. Brett Metcalfe (Hon); 12. Adam Chatfield (Kaw); 13. Tyler Wharton (Hon); 14. Justin Sipes (Kaw); 15. Les Smith (Yam); 16. James Decotis (Hon); 17. Troy Adams (Suz); 18. Jake Moss (Suz); 19. Darryn Durham (Hon); 20. Levi Kilbarger (Hon).Race Time: 12 min., 42.311 sec.Margin of Victory: 1.275 sec.


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