The Diablo 600 Challenge

Press Release | February 10, 2010

The following is from Pirelli…Strong supporters of grassroots racing, Pirelli Tire North America’s Motorcycle Division and the Championship Cup Series (CCS) are introducing a new and highly competitive motorcycle road racing class. The Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge.The new Spec class – the Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge – will be run at all 51 of the CCS sanctioned events in 2010. Each participating rider will compete on Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires and has the opportunity to experience the same level of performance as World Super Sport, developed with the best riders in the world.”This class will be exciting and winning will be based on rider talent, not solely on equipment.” said Pirelli Road Racing Manager, Richard Moore. “Pirelli has demonstrated its commitment to leveling the playing field with the same selection of tires available to all riders. An additional feature of the class is that the payouts will increase as more riders participate.””Pirelli, by coming on as the Spec tire, has played a major role in the formulation and direction of this new program,” said CCS Director of Operations Kevin Elliott. “While based on Middleweight Super Sport rules, CCS wants to stress that this class will be an addition to the program, not replace an existing class.” The new class, named the Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge, will be different because Championship Cup is actively seeking to sign Spec equipment sponsors for suspension, fuel, lubricant, and bodywork for this National Class in addition to the Pirelli spec tire requirement.The Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge will be open to CCS licensed Experts for 2010.The class format was created with direct suggestions from riders along with input from Pirelli and CCS. Under the new format, the grid for the class will be set by timed practice or a dedicated qualifying session and an increase in the length of races. Now the race length will be 20-24 miles instead of the 14-16 mile sprint distance used by the other CCS classes. Those two features are what riders have requested most, and they have been added to the program.For more information on the Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge, please visit

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