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Press Release | January 19, 2010

The following is from Garry McCoy’s website…This is Garry McCoy’s first public and official statement since yesterday Giuliano Rovelli, Team Manager of BE1 Racing Team, decided to interrupt unilaterally the negotiations that had to lead to Garry’s renewing.First of all I would like to thank all the messages of support I have been receiving in the late hours.

I am absolutely shocked.

Shocked to say how this has ended, after all of last years achievements.

This was going to be my third year with Triumph and amongst everything; it was going to be the greatest season for each and every person who has bet on Triumph’s project.

I had found a home with Triumph and I have been fully investing myself since 2008 in the development of the bike.

At this stage of the season the damage caused is incalculable and I am not talking about economic terms.

I am talking about one’s illusion, about goals in life, about achievements.

I started racing in World Championship in 1992.

My goal is as simple as keep on racing and entertaining all the fans that believe in my work.

The official test is this weekend and my suit is already in Portimao.

Despite the rumours that have been spread through various online sources about my economic requests, I invite whomever wants to get the correct information.

My loyalty to Triumph will prevail.

Garry McCoy


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