Reardon Okay After A1 Crash

Kit Palmer | January 12, 2010

Motoconcepts Yamaha’s Dan Reardon says that he’s sore and bruised and feels as though he was hit by a train following his spectacular crash during his heat race in the 450 class at Anaheim I last Saturday night.We spoke with his team manager Mike Young this morning who said that Reardon is basically okay.”He’s good,” Young said. “He’s definitely sore and beat up but otherwise he’s okay. He took it easy yesterday and will see his doctor to get a check up and to get a release to race next week. He suffered a grade-two concussion, which isn’t too bad – kind of like a walking headache – but he can’t race until he gets a release from the doctor. He’ll get checked out [next] Saturday morning and hopefully he’ll get a release to ride.”Young said that Reardon remembers the crash.”He saw the yellow flag on the left side of the whoops, and the flaggers were coming over on him and had to change his line,” Young said. “He chopped the throttle and the front end dropped into the whoops, got out of shape, and whiskey-throttled it over the last jump and went flying over the berm. Luckily his bike didn’t hit him.”I also feel that he could’ve been hurt a lot worse if he hadn’t warmed-up before the race,” Young said. “For a good 20 minutes before the start of the race, his trainer had him doing all these crazy warm-ups and stretching, and I really think that made a big difference.”

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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